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Homepage of "mps",
an R package for multiple point statistics

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The software on this site is distributed under the GNU Public license as is and comes with absolutely no warranty. The current version is explicitly marked as beta version with several known bugs.

Current version


Known Bugs

The Simulations produces data at the upper and left side of the image because of a missing border correction.

What is "mps"?

mps is an experimental academic software package which was used to illustrate some theoretical aspects of multiple point statistics. It does not use the patented algorithm by Sebastian Strebell but slower but more flexible cross tabulation approach. Most of the images in the publication can be produces using the package and the following files:
  1. iamgPub.R The R-script
  2. iamgT1.pgm A first example
  3. iamgT1.pgm A second example
If you are searching for a state of the art productive version of multiple point statistics methods please be referred to the Stanford Geostatistical Modelling Software GEMS.

Can I help?

If anyone is willing to help me improve this software to a productive version, he or she is invited to contact me Gerald van den Boogaart.