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What is "compositions"?

"compositions", is an R-package for the analysis of compositional and positive data using different approaches, written by K. Gerald van den Boogaart, Greifswald and Raimon Tolosana, Girona. It is now available as a second version and can be downloaded from this page. Multivariate Analysis High dimensional composition
Composition offers methods for the statistical analysis of four different scales of amount data:
For these four scales it provides

Details can be found in the documentation:

You need an installation of the free statistical computing language R, which can be downloaded from http://www.cran.r-project.org, to use the package.

Download compositions

Under windows you can install a downloaded package by the menu command "Install package from local zip archive". Under UNIX you need to give the command R CMD INSTALL compositions_0.9-10.tar.gz as root. To unbundle the file you need to give the command tar -xzvf compositions_0.9-11.tar.gz


Known bugs: thinRatio=NA ellipses are still wrong

Current version

On CRAN server.

Old version

Changes: Isoportions and Isoportion lines, Tetrahedron plot, Loading functions for geoEAS-files

Previouse versions


The software on this site is distributed under the GNU Public license as is and comes with absolutly no warranty.


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